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The inspiration for our M. A. Fragrance Thérapie collection is taken from the master blender, Micheline Arcier who established a widely acclaimed Aromathérapie practise, often caring not only for clients, but also partners and family, through the careful selection of essential oil blends to be used as personal or ambient fragrances.
By these many clients, Madame Arcier was warmly referred to simply as "M.A." so our Fragrance Thérapie range is presented as an affectionate tribute to her memory.

We are excited to announce that well-loved essential oil blends created by Madame Arcier as bath oils and body oils (and recently added bath & shower crystals) - Enchantement, Tonique, Lavande and Harmonie are now available as Therapeutic Reed Diffusers (see below) extending the bathing and body care experience to provide a cocoon of familiar, natural fragrance.

The MA Fragrance Thérapie collection comprises:

Therapeutic Diffusions: Ambient fragrance speaks directly to our primitive emotions and can be used to stamp personality on a room, a home or a workplace, with imagination, humour and discernment.

Available in two formats:

Diffusions:                               To enliven or relax add just a few drops to our Aroma Diffuser or an electric burner, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Reed Diffusers:  NEW!           The simplest way to fragrance your environment. Blends created by Mdme Arcier as bath or body oils have been transposed for use with reed diffusers. In a plant-derived base, these well-loved blends extend the bathing and body care experience to provide a cocoon of familiar natural fragrance.


Therapeutic Essentials:  These pure essential oil preparations are highly concentrated and only one drop is required per application. Perfect for personal care or when you are on the move. They are not suitable for use on the skin so we suggest using just one drop on a tissue and inhale gently.

Our aromatherapie essential oils are extracted from the flowers, leaves, twigs, stalks, resins and roots of many different plants, ranging from the ubiquitous rosemary and geranium to the exotic patchouli and ylang ylang. The aromatherapie essential oils have many different qualities: they can be relaxing or invigorating depending on the essence chosen, and are generally strongly antiseptic and antibacterial. They attack germs, but do not damage tissues when applied responsibly.


Harmonie Aromathérapie Dream Drops:

Sweet dreams are made of this.  The new addition to our award-winning Harmonie blend (launched in September 2017)

May be used whenever you feel the need to relax and unwind, enjoy a moment of mindfulness, or as part of your bed time regime to promote a good night’s sleep.

Gently massage 1-2 drops on pulse points and chest, inhale deeply and ease away anxiety and tension - promoting deep relaxation.


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