Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

Sérénité Therapeutic Diffusion 15ml



When it's time to turn the lights low this relaxing blend will help to soothe and comfort.

lavender               gently encouraging the deepest and most restful sleep

linaloewood        a balance of fresh citrus and warm floral notes with a gently soothing effect

petitgrain           a light, fresh, floral top note that is soothing, refreshing and tension-relieving


Sprinkle a few drops into water in either our Aroma Diffuser or Luxury Aroma Diffuser .  May also be used with an electric fragrance burner.   If using a candle burner we recommend adding a few drops to water in the burning dish.


Why not share the relaxing fragrance of Sérénité with a special friend - available in Ambiance Jour et Nuit gift set



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