Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

 Our promise to You



  • genuine, pure essential oils sourced from trusted suppliers supporting Fairtrade and organic production
  • no animal testing
  • listed with Naturewatch in their Compassionate Shopping Guide
  • Vegan friendly, with the sole exception of our heritage Face Creams which contain beeswax.
  • our Face, Body and Bath oils and Face Creams are blended from naturally sourced ingredients
  • where some of our products require additives and preservatives, we ensure that these are internationally registered as safe to be used on the skin



  • our products meet the latest safety regulations, which recommend that they are not suitable for children under 12 years old, and should never be taken internally. 
  • keep out of direct sunlight and once opened, best used within six months, although many will last longer. Always secure the cap properly and ensure that no water or other foreign body enters the container.



  • the team at Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie were trained by Madame Arcier herself and are full members of The International Federation of Aromatherapists
  • To ensure that compliance with current Regulations and Safety standards we are also corporate members of The Aromatherapy Trade Council(listed under our Parent Company - Aromasport Therapy Limited)
  • the care of the environment is our prime consideration for all packaging materials used. All packaging is kept to a minimum, is either recycled and or recyclable and we actively encourage our clients to recycle.



The rich inheritance of Micheline Arcier formulations is at the heart of all our work and although the names may have changed since the 1960's, these wonderful products tried, tested and loved by clients for over six decades are central to our offering. 


In keeping with Madame Arcier's respect for Nature, where species have become endangered we have sourced alternative oils which maintain the initial integrity of the formulation.

With the opening of new markets and increased interest in the potentials of vegetable oils for health and beauty, we are now able to source an even wider range of nourishing and healing botanicals for Madame Arcier's essential oil formulations.  Always an innovator, we believe that Madame Arcier would have welcomed the greater choices of beneficial carrier oils, so often overlooked in our enthusiasm for the properties of essential oils, to enrich and re-focus her formulations to meet modern needs. 



Welcome to our website and to the story, products and treatments of Madame Micheline Arcier a pioneer of modern aromatherapy. If you can't find what you need or would like some help, please call us on +44(0)20 7235 3545


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