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"My mother has used Micheline Arcier products for years - her skin is beautiful and I wanted my skin to look like hers so I changed my skincare routine to Micheline Arcier and I love the difference it has made. I'm hooked and now also have introduced it to my daughters. It's completely natural and none of us would use anything else!"
Our clients often tell us that Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie is a well-kept secret...sometimes that's a good thing – but Madame Arcier loved to share her health and skin care secrets with her clients. So we would like to share the secret of the natural and simple Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie 3 step skincare regime with you - as we know you will love the results!

Simply - cleanse, moisturise, protect

We can endlessly elaborate our daily skin care routines, but whilst starting with the basics we remember that Madame Acier always said  “it is better to have a couple of good products and use them properly and regularly, than a shelf full of creams and lotions.”


Step 1. “Deep cleansing is essential” 

Thoroughly cleanse with Lavande Face Cleansing Oil based on Rice Bran Oil which Madame Arcier favoured for it’s nourishing and silky feel on the skin. Apply all over the face and neck and with care around the eyes – even the most stubborn make-up will melt into the oils’ richness. Remove with a dampened cotton pad  and repeat until completely clean - remembering that Lavender is so called from the Latin lavare – to wash.

Depending on what feels right for your skin, you may want to gently remove the final traces of the Cleansing Oil with a clean washcloth and warm water before moving on to Step 2, alternatively....


“Depending on the quality of the skin, deep cleansing should be done with a face shampoo, either four times a week for oily skins, or once a week for dry, sensitive skins”  

so after removing all traces of makeup use Douceur Wash to deep cleanse your skin. Camomile, Lavender & Tangerine are the essential oils in this gentle face and body wash – all oils that Madame Arcier chose for her products for children. A little goes a long way, so with fingertips lather about ¼ teaspoonful and apply to the face and neck.  Rinse off very thoroughly with warm water and you are now ready for....

Step 2. “Apply herbal water with cotton wool to tone the skin”  


On a dampened cotton pad spritz a little Organic Rose Floral Water and use to ensure that every last trace of the Cleansing Oil or Wash has been removed, and your skin is ready for moisturising. With your eyes closed, spritz face and neck and with the tips of the fingers use a little French massage technique tappotement – piano practise which should sound like gentle raindrops. When your skin is almost dry you’re ready for Step 3.
The Organic Rose Floral Water can also be used to set your make-up or refresh during the day – perfect for flying or those glorious summer days of our dreams.


Step 3. “A nourishing and moisturizing face oil or cream should then be applied to clean skin morning and night to protect the skin”

Choose the Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie Face Oil which best suits your skin at the moment, remembering that the change of seasons, diet and lifestyle all affect the condition of the skin, not to mention the highs and lows of our emotional lives. Beauté , Lavande and Tendre are all in a base of Jojoba, an extraordinary oil which has been shown to balance the secretions of sebaceous glands making it suitable for both the drier and more oily sections of the skin. Charme is in a base of Rice Bran Oil so offers all the emollient and nourishing properties that have made it so popular with Japanese beauties for centuries.


Face oils and creams will give a dewy natural look to the skin, but if applying make-up, leave for 5 minutes for a perfect base or 15 minutes for a matt finish.


Alternatively, you may prefer the richer protection offered by a Micheline Arcier Face Cream. Beauté, Charme and Tendre are all based on jojoba and precious organic beeswax, a natural companion to essential oils, which does not block the pores but gives nourishment and perfect protection. 

We recommend you use your preferred Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie Face Cream when your skin is in need of a nutritious boost.


The Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie natural skincare selection - a secret that is a joy to share.

Mother's day - Sunday 30th March

Visage jour et nuit (Charme) beautifully presented in a Micheline Aricer aqua felt pouch with purple ribbon tie

Written by Catherine Milne — March 13, 2014


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