Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

Bath and Shower Therapie

Powerful and potent, just one capful added to a warm bath will provide you with one of the most effective and enjoyable ways of treating yourself to aromatherapie at home. Soak for 10 – 15 minutes and inhale the wonderful aromas, afterwards patting the skin dry so that a film of fragrance is left on the skin. We recommend up to 4 aromatic baths a week and many of our clients create a collection so that they have a Bath Oil for every occasion and mood. 

Alternatively, take our Bath Oils into the shower with you; firstly wash using our gentle Douceur Wash, rinse, then pour 1/2 a capful of Bath Oil into the palm of your hands and carefully apply all over damp body making sure to avoid sensitive areas. Either rinse off or pat dry as you would do after an "MA" Bath.

An exciting introduction to our range of well-loved bodycare preparations – a selection of the most popular fragrances blended with fine Himalayan crystals for exfoliation, showering and bathing.

Himalayan crystals are a natural exfoliant helping to draw toxins from the skin leaving it revitalised and smooth, whilst improving circulation and regulating the skin’s moisture levels. To exfoliate in the shower or bath, once the skin is damp use a generous pinch of crystals to massage over the body. The most fragrant and revitalising treat for silky smooth skin.

The dynamic combination of essential oils, blended for therapeutic effect with Himalayan Salt Crystals enhances the benefits to skin, circulation and general well-being. Add a handful of crystals to a warm bath, lie back and relax.



Gently cleanse body, face and hair. May be used in conjunction with our Bath Oils, Bath & Shower Crystals and Body Oils.  An everyday essential therapeutic treat.


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