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From time to time we hear amazing testimonials from Madame Arcier's clients and it is only with their express permission that we share their stories here. 


"Beyond the best, Micheline Arcier's essential oil products feed the body, mind and soul, a must for holistic wellbeing. Lulu doesn't travel without the Harmonie Bath Oil which helps you overcome jet lag and restless nights, whilst dissolving away any stress." 

Lulu Townsend, ChicRetreats.com


" Micheline Arcier saved me and this is not an exaggeration, she really did.  It was around 1980 and I had been to Spain for a holiday and a spider had decided I looked like a good lunch and I came back not only with a tan with a nasty bite on my hand. Regular medicine did nothing so a client suggested I saw Micheline, at that time she did not see male clients so it was a huge favour for her to see me. This was her opening statement to me as well and I was very intimidated by this formidable french woman, she took one look and told me of course I can take care of the bite but she also told me "you're ruining your body".  I could only agree because as a young man in the 80's I thought all was good. She took care of the bite with some clay and it healed in a few days, but she put me on a treatment of sulphur and other supplements as well as tea and my body transformed. I had always had a problem with my skin as a teenager but in a few months I looked and felt great. Life took me to live in the US but every time I came back to the UK I bought my stock of products one of which is Harmonie Bath Oil  - which being a total bath addict has been my regular companion through all the cities I have lived in. The products are, as far I am concerned, the best and I have done my fair share of trying others and nothing stands up to this range. Now as a man well into my 50's I could not have imagined my life without Micheline Arcier, so thank you Spider your bite brought Micheline into my life."

Michael King, Spain  MichaelKingPilates.com


"My mother's consistent beautiful skin inspired me to try Micheline Arcier's products.  Since I was 16, she was always raving about the magic of her oils and now, 30 years on, I can vouch my mum was right.  Not only do I look 30 (I am now 51) but I also feel the youth of my skin everyday.  Thank you so much Micheline Arcier, from both of us!" 

Mona Choueiri,  London


Praise for Micheline Arcier -

"I first came across these extraordinary oils in 1985 during a very dark period of my life.  The therapy that I received from using the oils at home as well as at the shop with massages from the massage therapist there, was extremely beneficial and I will always be deeply grateful to Madame Arcier for all her pioneering work.  The quality of the oils was and is far beyond any other oils that I have ever found.  The bases used are nourishing without being uncomfortably greasy and the combinations of essential oils are delightful and very effective.  After a very long (almost 25 years) without them, I decided to treat myself to some more.  I had to call the shop as I couldn’t find the bath oil that I loved, Anti Stress Bath Oil, on line, and was helped by Catherine who informed me that Germaine and she had taken over the business fairly recently and were committed to keeping Micheline Arcier’s legacy alive and well.   The Anti Stress Bath Oil is now called Equilibre.  Catherine is very knowledgable and helpful and filled my order over the phone.  My products arrived promptly and in tact (I live in the US now) and I am absolutely thrilled.  My house smells heavenly.  Don’t hesitate to buy these oils.  They are far above and beyond any other ‘Aromatherapy’ products you will find anywhere else.  They are soothing and nourishing for the body, mind and soul." 

Serena Scott Thomas, Actress and Realtor, USA


"I read an article about Micheline Arcier in Vogue magazine in the mid-late eighties. It seemed just the kind of products that I was looking for so on my next visit to London I went to her for a treatment and never looked back! It was a wonderful experience. She talked me through her vision and care and from then on I used her oils at home, purchased her book, and visited her whenever I was in London.

Micheline Arcier products are so different from anything else, made with care, natural, and thoughtful ingredients, giving you a wonderful and rare feeling. One can relax in the bath with the oils, or rub a little body oil in - get a lift with Enchantement or relieve aches and pains with Elan Vital, wonderful! I also love the Douceur Wash which can be used any time and is excellent to take with you on travels.

I have a good selection and whatever I feel the need for, it is there. I would not use any other products."

Doreen Beardmore, Stoke-on-Trent


"I was introduced to Micheline Arcier  products by a very glamorous Parisienne friend over 40 years ago.
I had a treatment in London and was completely hooked. Although there have been some gaps in my life where I have not used her products I have used them again now for the last 20 years and still find that there is absolutely no better aromatherapy product out there, despite all the thousands of bottles, and names, on offer . The oils are so wonderfully concentrated that you only need a tiny capful in the bath, and when I wake up the next morning  the bed is still scented.
The company is so friendly and helpful to deal with and they go over and above good service.
After all these years the expertise and experience shows: there really are no better aromatherapy products."
Sarah Hellings Smith, Scotland


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