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           WINNER Best Natural/Organic Skincare Brand
                    (for Mums)  BEAUTY SHORTLIST BABY AWARDS 2015
"If you haven't discovered Micheline Arcier's heavenly skincare range yet, you're in for a real treat"  thebeautyshortlist.com


Whatever the skin type or age, daily use of Aromatherapie formulations will give the skin a radiant vitality. Quickly absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, essential oils encourage the production of healthy new cells, whilst vitamin rich plant oils help to neutralise free-radicals that hasten skin-ageing and undermine skin health.  

A healthy skin is the natural foundation for overcoming localised problems and to ensure targeted care, select the formulation by skin type and follow the simple but effective  Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie Natural Skincare Methode .

When you select your skin type suitable products from Madame Arcier's wonderful collection of face oils, face creams, cleansers and floral waters will be shown.

Sensible - Sensitve skin

Seche - Dry, dehydrated and mature skin

Mixte - Combination skin



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