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November is the month to join many of our clients who prepare to protect themselves from winter snuffles, colds and flu, by getting their trusted Aromathérapie preparations in readiness for when they are needed. 


Breathe freely and boost the immune system with our protective blends...

Soak in a hot bathtub with Vigeur Bath Oil (relax and inhale

Rub your chest and back with Vigeur Body & Chest Oil (just like mum used to do....)

Inhale cleansing Essential Oils with Air Pur concentrated
Therapeutic Essential 
(breathe freely....) and

Surround yourself with Cristal Clair Room Diffusion or Air Pur Protection Mist to keep the bugs at bay.

If you have any questions…, as always, we are here to help.


Catherine & Germaine XX

Written by Catherine Milne — November 05, 2022


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