Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

Tendre Aromatherapie Face Oil

camomile roman ~ neroli ~ jasmine

Madame Arcier never hesitated to use the most luxurious of ingredients in her formulations and with this Award wining blend exquisite jasmine is married to neroli – the essential oil from orange blossoms, and soothing camomile roman. Gentle on the skin yet deliciously uplifting.

camomile roman     soothing and gentle for the most sensitive skins

neroli                           a gentle boost for all skins, even the sensitive

jasmine                      the fragrance of luxurious well-being with a regenerative bonus for the skin


A soothing, calming oil with a jojoba base - particularly suitable for normal to sensitive skins.

Step 3 of Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie Natural skincare methode

Available in 15ml and 30ml. 30ml includes dispensing pump.


Also available: Tendre Aromatherapie Face Cream

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