Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

Harmonie Therapeutic Reed Diffuser

camomile ~ petitgrain ~ ylang ylang

Sleep, the great healer, can be elusive when life is demanding and Madame Arcier created this blend to ease the stressed and anxious into a deeper, more refreshing sleep. The gentle apple fragrance of soothing camomile is rounded and balanced by fruity, herbaceous notes. Set aside the daily pressures and prepare for sweet dreams.

camomile      a gentle yet potent traditional remedy for promoting sleep with a fragrance reminiscent of sweet apples

petitgrain      a light, fresh, floral top note that is soothing, refreshing and tension-relieving

ylang ylang   an exotic note to release the cares of the day



HARMONIE is also available as a Bath Oil, Body Oil, Bath & Shower Crystals, Dream Drops and in Sleep Therapy Gift Set


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