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Tonique Collection - Énergisant

invigorate, detoxify, optimise circulation


Keep the golden feeling of summer through the coming months with body care designed to put the “get-up-and-go” into your day. Tonique is a formulation created by Micheline Arcier to support clients with poor circulation, low energy levels and a less than positive outlook on life. If this rings bells, then the zingy blend of lemongrass, rosemary and sage could be right for your body care now or whenever you are in need of help with jet-lag.

lemongrass                 the quintessential circulatory booster with intense freshness

rosemary                    time-honoured for clearing mind-muddle and the debris of body                                        indulgence and keeping the body at peak performance.

sage                            warming and comforting to support and strengthen mind and body.



Himalayan crystals are a natural exfoliant helping to draw toxins from the skin leaving it revitalized and smooth, whilst improving circulation and regulating the skin’s moisture levels. The dynamic combination of essential oils, blended for therapeutic effect with Himalayan Salt Crystals enhances the benefits to skin, circulation and general well-being. Use in the shower or add a handful of crystals to a warm bath, lie back and regenerate.

200g and 400g Bio-degradeable refill pouch



Ease the aches and pains of everyday life whilst supporting improved circulation and increasing energy levels. Powerful and potent, add just one capful to a warm bath, soak for 10 – 15 minutes and inhale the wonderful aromas, afterwards patting the skin dry so that a film of fragrance is left on the skin.

60ml and 100ml



Complete your body care routine with a light application of Tonique Body Oil to restore light-limbed energy when experiencing the effects of jet-lag, fluid retention or over-exercising. Apply with firm massage from the extremities towards the heart.



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