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Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie announce the launch of MASQUE PURIFIANT


The Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie range is known for its' exceptional quality and adherence to the long-established belief of Mdme. Arcier herself:  “it is better to have a couple of good products and use them properly and regularly, than a shelf full of creams and lotions.”


To complement the small but potent Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie skin care range, we are delighted to introduce our new




Combining Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) from natural botanical sources (bilberry, sugar maple, sugar cane, orange, lemon) with clay, essential oils, plant extracts and organic vegetable oils provides a masque that exfoliates and stimulates cell renewal with minimum irritation.


The primary action of AHAs is to weaken the bonds between dead skin cells so that they can be shed from the skin, resulting in fresher, smoother, younger looking skin. At the same time cell renewal is stimulated, with essential oils, organic plant extracts such as seabuckthorn berry, aloe vera, jojoba and apricot kernel as well as papaya and acerola contributing to boosting skin elasticity and vitality.


To maintain a radiant complexion and depending on skin condition, we recommend applying Masque Purifiant 1 - 3 times per week. Used first thing in the morning the masque will give the skin a lasting youthful glow, counteracting any seasonal lack of vitality. Or apply at night as part of the Micheline Arcier Natural Skincare Methode in conjunction with our Lavande Face Cleansing Oil, Organic Rose Floral Water and the Micheline Arcier Aromathérapie Face Oil which best suits your skin at the moment.

30mls RRP £20.00 available via www.michelinearcier.com


For further information or for a high-resolution image, please contact Catherine Milne.


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