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We believe in supporting and promoting excellent therapists and that excellence in home care is essential to effective aromatherapy practice. So 2015 sees the return of Micheline Arcier® training for exceptional therapists who believe in this inspiring holistic tradition.


Holistic ~ Authentic ~ Bespoke ~ Inspiring
Micheline Arcier® is one of the pioneer names of true, modern-day aromatherapy. Her life was totally devoted to her work and she created a world-wide reputation for the excellence of her treatments and products and inspired many of today’s successful aromatherapists.

In 1959, Madame Maury first brought aromatherapy to England using a specialized massage technique focusing on the autonomic nervous system. At the time it was revolutionary to combine the use of massage with essential oils. Working for a while as Madame Maury’s assistant, Micheline would soon go on to establish her own clinic in Knightsbridge.

For over 40 years Micheline Arcier® quietly and discreetly perfected her unique massage techniques and developed hand-blended aromatherapy products to meet the holistic needs of a discerning and loyal clientele. She also collaborated with the pioneering French aromatherapy clinician Dr Jean Valnet who deepened her understanding of the medical background of aromatherapy and the dynamic potential of essential oils.

Today the Micheline Arcier® tradition is carried forward by Germaine Rich and Catherine Milne, two dedicated adherents to the Micheline Arcier® philosophy. Germaine was trained by Madame Arcier and worked in the Knightsbridge clinic for over eight years in the early 1970’s rejoining the company in 2006. Catherine has also had a long association with the Micheline Arcier® tradition and as highly experienced aromatherapists we are mindful of the rich heritage entrusted to us.

We believe in supporting and promoting excellent therapists, whether aromatherapists, body, or facial therapists and that excellence in home care is essential to effective practice. So 2015 sees the return of Micheline Arcier® training for exceptional therapists who believe in this inspiring holistic tradition.

Gold Standard
Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie has long been seen as the gold standard for aromatherapy treatment and the effectiveness of the technique has been tried and tested over many years, by many therapists in countries around the world. Focused on influencing the autonomic nervous system the specialised treatment is a profoundly effective response to stress. Emphasis is also placed on the potential to clear and rebalance energy fields, offering holistic care for body, mind and spirit.

Essential Oils in Body and Facial Therapy
The wide-ranging benefits of essential oils in holistic care inspired Madame Arcier to create a range of facial and body treatments which were offered alongside her iconic aromathérapie treatment in her Knightsbridge clinic. These treatments included a unique French facial, a specialized lifting facial and body treatments for de-toxing and deep relaxation.

Modular Post-graduate Training
At Micheline Arcier® we are delighted to be offering training in Micheline Arcier® traditional techniques and introducing new treatments designed by the Micheline Arcier® team to meet the evolving demands of clients.
Please Note: Some workshops have restricted entry dependent on therapist’s qualifications. The following post-graduate workshops are offered:

Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie,
with Maman treatment

 2 days + 1 day Assessment

21 CPD hours

Qualified Aromatherapist Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie Professional £350
Visage Française

2 days + 1 day Assessment

21 CPD hours

Professional qualification in facial therapy Micheline Arcier® Accredited Therapist £350

2 days
14 CPD hours

Professional qualification in facial, body or aromatherapy Micheline Arcier® Accredited Therapist £250
Traitements Essentiels:
Nourrissant & Calmant

2 days + 1 day Assessment
21 CPD hours

Professional qualification in body therapy Micheline Arcier® Accredited Therapist £350

For detailed information on each workshop please see Workshop Content section.

Workshop numbers are limited so that therapists can be offered individual tuition.

No cameras or videos please.

Included in the course fees –
• All materials used during the training sessions
• A training manual with treatment techniques and product information
• Access to a downloadable PDF consultation form
• 10 x Client Aftercare Cards
• 1 x Micheline Arcier® T Polo shirt

In order to retain the Micheline Arcier® Professional status, therapists will be required
to maintain the integrity of the Micheline Arcier® treatments and the use of Micheline Arcier® products and to attend a 1 day CPD renewal workshop within 3 years. This workshop will include:

• Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie and Maman treatment review
• New product development
• Introduction to any new treatments available
• Guest speaker treatment topic
• 10% additional discount on retail and professional product orders taken on the day.

Therapists attending the Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie workshops will
• receive a statement of the appropriate CPD hours gained.
• be entitled to purchase professional treatment and retail products at trade prices, no minimum order
• entitled to an extra 10% Discount on start-up order, placed during the course

All workshops will conclude with an assessment and Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie reserve the right to defer accreditation until the required standards are met.

Successful therapists will be
• awarded either a Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie Professional Diploma or a Micheline Arcier® Accredited Therapist Diploma.
• entitled to include the brand name of Micheline Arcier® in their treatment menu for the specific treatments in which they have been trained by Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie in conjunction with Micheline Arcier® products.
• entitled to be listed on the Micheline Arcier® website as recommended therapists.

If you would like to reserve a place on one of our courses please call us on +44(0)207 235 3545 or email info@michelinearcier.com. A non-refundable deposit of £100 per course is required to confirm your place. Please note that the remaining balance must be paid in full prior to course commencement.

Throughout the training emphasis will be placed on the energetic and subtle effects of the treatments and the holistic benefits of the Micheline Arcier® blends.

Micheline Arcier® Aromathérapie and Maman - the iconic body and facial treatment developed by Madame Arcier. This intensive workshop is suitable for qualified aromatherapists who wish to develop and refine their treatment techniques and to align with the Micheline Arcier® reputation for excellence in skill and client care. Maman was Madame Arcier’s adaptation of Aromathérapie for client care through each stage of pregnancy.

Micheline Arcier® Visage Française – part of the Micheline Acier® heritage with skillful massage techniques to improve circulation and muscle tonicity, helping to restore vitality to the skin.

Micheline Arcier® Visage – combining essential oil treatment with facial massage techniques which can be customised to suit each individual. May be adapted for men or women, for a toning, revitalizing or relaxing facial, or as a simple introduction to facial treatments and home care.

Micheline Arcier® Traitements Essentiels:
Treatments created to be offered by aromatherapists and qualified body therapists to meet the needs of clients requiring a holistic approach
Energissant – a stimulating massage to clear and cleanse both the body and subtle energy fields. A pick-up treatment at the change of seasons, to counteract jet lag, or after illness. Beneficial as part of a general slimming or de-tox programme.
Nourrissant or Calmant – a holistic treatment using flowing techniques to nourish the skin and soothe and calm the body and mind. Offers the therapist an enjoyable approach to providing a deeply relaxing and nurturing treatment.


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