Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

Elan Vital Bath & Shower Crystals

rosemary~lavender~geranium~himalayan crystals

Added to a bath, our award winning Élan Vital Crystals will help to ease everyday aches, pains and muscular fatigue.

As an exfoliant, the Élan Vital Crystals can also be used to massage into areas of particular tension and help to disperse the toxins that build up in over-worked muscles.

rosemary      time-honoured for clearing mind-muddle and the debris of body indulgence whilst keeping the body at peak performance.

lavender        the essential, essential oil providing a range of invaluable properties: a natural support for the nerves, rebalancing for the circulation and regenerative for the skin.  Healing, re-generative, anti-inflamatory

geranium      an excellent pick-me-up and balancer for mind and body

Available in 200g jar and 400g bio-degradable* refill pouch

For the fullest experience pat the skin dry and follow with a light application of Élan Vital Body Oil.

Also available in Bath & Shower Crystal Collection.

*In line with our environmental policy, the 400g pouches are bio-degradable. To avoid seepage from essential oil blends we recommend that goods are used to refill our recyclable jar and not left in this pouch for an extended period.



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