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Face Cream Sample Selection

Micheline Arcier Aromatherapie offer a sample service for our award winning bath oilsface oils and face creams.  If you have not used one of our face creams before, why not treat yourself with your next order - once tried, we know that  you will be converted!  Joining the generations who understand that our skin responds beautifully to being cared for by Micheline Arcier's collection of the finest vegetable and essential oils carefully selected and blended according to skin type.

Our face creams are richly nourishing and protective with the Tendre, Beaute and Charme formulations incorporated into a base of pure beeswax* and jojoba. They may be used morning and evening to restore and maintain a youthful glow as part of every skin’s care regime.   

*Not suitable for vegans

Sensible:    Sensitive skin types

Tendre - Aromatherapie Face Cream ~ camomile romaine ~ neroli ~ jasmine


Seche:        Dry, dehydrated and mature skin types

Beaute - Aromatherapie Face Cream ~ patchouli ~ rose ~ geranium

Charme - Aromatherapie Face Cream ~ patchouli ~ geranium ~ neroli


Mixte:          Combination skin types

Beaute - Aromatherapie Face Cream ~ patchouli ~ rose ~ geranium


6g application - approximately 6 applications  GLASS - PLEASE RECYCLE


Samples are available for Retail sales only.



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