Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

Joie de Vivre Therapeutic Diffusion 15ml

geranium~lemongrass~ylang ylang


Joie de Vivre Therapeutic Diffusion oil  - a blend to lift your mood and spirits and bring a sparkle to the day.

geranium          a richly floral fragrance which is an excellent pick-me-up and balancer for mind and body

lemongrass      a grassy and citrus fragrance which delivers an intensely fresh "kick"

ylang ylang     an exotic note to release the cares of the day

Sprinkle a few drops into water in either our Aroma Diffuser or Luxury Aroma Diffuser .  May also be used with an electric fragrance burner.  If using a candle burner we recommend adding a few drops to water in the burning dish.


Why not share the uplifting fragrance of Joie de Vivre with a special friend - available in Ambiance Jour et Nuit gift set



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