Micheline Arcier Aromatherapy

Tonique Therapeutic Reed Diffuser

rosemary ~ lemongrass ~ sage

Zingy lemongrass is mellowed by the warm, herby notes of sage and rosemary. Uplifting but not overwhelming this is Madame Arcier's blend of choice to energise and stimulate. Powerful and potent, counteracting general fatigue and supporting those experiencing energy dips or the effects of jet-lag.

rosemary       time-honoured for clearing mind-muddle and the debris of body indulgence whilst keeping the body at peak performance

lemongrass    a grassy and citrus fragrance which delivers an intensely fresh "kick"

sage                 warmly comforting to support and strengthen mind and body



TONIQUE is also available as a Bath Oil, Body Oil, and Bath & Shower Crystals 


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